I paint the landscape of New York City. I am fascinated with rollercoasters, architectural details such as cornices and anything kitschy Americana like roadside signs. I combine literal representation with abstract elements to focus on what I want people to see I find interesting about a place. What I find interesting are often details and the beauty in patterns like the Spanish tile on the house in “Ovington Avenue” or the ironwork on the Manhattan Bridge. Brilliant and vibrant color combined with a wonky sense of perspective bring movement to my paintings and a fresh view on city landscapes. Unusual cropping and framing of images add to the overall look of my artwork. I often incorporate text and imagery I find in street signs to give a narrative sometimes ironic or humorous to my artwork. An example of this is the Nathan’s hot dog man wearing a little apron and pointy shoes or the balding chubby man hoisting a burger above his head atop “Paul’s Daughter’s” on the boardwalk in many of my Coney Island pieces. I work in a variety of mediums including Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastel and Linoleum block printing. My work works ranges from tiny watercolors to large scale murals I have done on site in various businesses.